CONNECTIONplus Terms & Conditions

By participating in the CONNECTIONplus Programme, you understand and agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions ("this Contract"). If you require clarification or further information, please contact us through our official website or directly to your Sales Manager.

This Contract cannot be superseded or changed unless amended or supplemented by the CONNECTIONplus Administrator in writing.

CONNECTIONplus Administrator hereunder refers to Taikoo Hui (Guangzhou) Development Co., Ltd. Mandarin Oriental Hotel (Mandarin Oriental, Guangzhou), Shanghai Rui Ming Hotel Management Branch (Mandarin Oriental Pudong, Shanghai), Shenzhen Kezhigu Investment Co., Ltd. Upperhills Hotel Branch (Mandarin Oriental, Shenzhen), Wangfu Central Real Estate Development Company Limited WF Central Hotel Branch (Mandarin Oriental Wangfujing, Beijing), (individually or collectively referred to as "Hotel")

  1. CONNECTIONplus Programme membership and its benefits are determined at the sole discretion of the CONNECTIONplus Administrator. The CONNECTIONplus Administrator has the right to review all applications for membership to the CONNECTIONplus Programme and may accept or reject any such membership in its sole and absolute discretion. Once your membership is approved by the CONNECTIONplus Administrator, you will be issued a membership number identifying you as a member of the CONNECTIONplus Programme ("Member").
  2. This Contract shall be governed by and is to be construed under the laws of the People's Republic of China. Any disputes or claims arising out of or relating to this Contract including the validity, invalidity, breach or termination thereof, shall be submitted to the People's Court with jurisdiction in Tianhe District, Guangzhou. The provision of this article shall not be affected by the termination or rescission of this Contract.
  3. The CONNECTIONplus Programme membership is non-transferable.
  4. Only People's Republic of China residents aged 18 and above are eligible to enroll in the CONNECTIONplus Programme and become Members (defined as individuals who have agreed to the CONNECTIONplus Programme Terms and Conditions of this Contract and have been accepted as Members by the CONNECTIONplus Administrator). For the avoidance of doubt, Members must be natural persons and, accordingly, corporations, associations or groups are not eligible for membership.
  5. CONNECTIONplus Programme Availability. Members are required to conduct a minimum of ten accumulated room nights or one banquet/meeting event before the end of each Programme Year (a "Programme Year" is a calendar year from 1 January to 31 December) to be eligible for renewal of membership for the subsequent Programme Year. The specific decision on whether to extend membership will be made by the CONNECTIONplus Administrator. The CONNECTIONplus Programme will continue until such time as the CONNECTIONplus Administrator unilaterally decides to terminate the CONNECTIONplus Programme, at any time, with or without prior notice. Members will have 90 days from the date the CONNECTIONplus Programme termination is announced, to redeem CONNECTIONplus Programme benefits (i.e. E-Voucher or discounts, as detailed in Article 7 of this Contract) based on the accumulated points after January 1st of each Programme year.
  6. Points Calculation.
    1. Points can be accumulated until the end of every Programme Year.
    2. Points can be accumulated based on the actual amount paid, excluding service charges, EITHER for each materialized room bookings at contracted corporate rate or Best Available Rate that are booked directly through reservation department of the Hotel; OR food and beverage consumption for company and private events in Hotel's multi-functional banquet hall (excluding wedding events which are not eligible for points accumulation).
    3. Members will earn 1 point for every RMB100 of room charge (excluding service charges).
    4. Members are required to quote their membership number when making reservations in order to receive membership points. For any bookings made before the approval date of the membership application and any late submission of membership number after guest departure, the member will not be eligible for corresponding points.
    5. Room reservation shall be made directly with the reservations department for the respective Hotels by telephone or by email*:

      Mandarin Oriental, Guangzhou
      Telephone: +86 (20) 3808 8888 Email:

      Mandarin Oriental Pudong, Shanghai
      Telephone: +86 (21) 2082 9888 Email:

      Mandarin Oriental, Shenzhen
      Telephone: +86 (755) 8802 6888 Email:

      Mandarin Oriental Wangfujing, Beijing
      Telephone: +86 (010) 8509 8888 Email:

      *Bookings made by overseas bookers, global distribution systems, third party agencies and hotel website are ineligible for points credit.

    6. Members will earn 1 point for every RMB200 of food and beverage spending* incurred in banquet/meeting events or private events (excluding wedding events). Points accumulation is applicable to eligible events held in Hotel's multi-functional banquet hall only (events in guestrooms, Business Centre and Hotel restaurants are ineligible for points credit). For private banquet events, membership number needs to be signed in the relevant agreement in order to apply point accumulation.
    7. Any points accumulated are not transferable.
    8. Retro-active claim request will only be accepted within three months from the last transaction date and must be submitted during the Programme Year or until 31 March in the following Programme Year (“Redemption Deadline”). Any retro-active claim request for this Programme Year will not be considered after the Redemption Deadline.
  7. Points Redemption.
    1. Points redemption can be made during the Programme Year or until 31 March in the following Programme Year (i.e. before the Redemption Deadline). Points not redeemed by 31 March in the following Programme Year shall be forfeited and in no event shall any Programme points be carried forward and redeemed beyond the 31 March in the following year deadline.
    2. Redemption will be in the form of "E-Voucher" from any one of the following Hotels of your choice (subject to the specified terms and conditions and the final decision of the party issuing the "E-Voucher"):
      • Mandarin Oriental, Guangzhou
      • Mandarin Oriental Pudong, Shanghai
      • Mandarin Oriental, Shenzhen
      • Mandarin Oriental Wangfujing, Beijing
    3. The CONNECTIONplus Administrator may, from time to time, also decide to offer discounts for certain goods and services at their Hotels for point redemption (subject to the specified terms and conditions).
    4. Rewards cannot be redeemed for cash or credit and are not exchangeable.
    5. CONNECTIONplus Administrator is not responsible for, and assumes no liability for, any goods or services redeemed by the Member under the CONNECTIONplus Programme. The CONNECTIONplus Administrator shall not be responsible for any issues arising out of participation in the CONNECTIONplus Programme or receipt or use or misuse of any goods or services redeemed under the CONNECTIONplus Programme, including but not limited to causing any personal or property damage or loss to the Member or any third party. The Member should claim compensation from specific providers of relavant goods and services redeemed and the Member shall not make any derogatory or negative evaluations of the Hotels and the CONNECTIONplus Administrator, and their respective subsidiaries, affiliates, each of their respective parent companies and each such company's officers, directors, employees and agents, or engage in any other behavior that may cause harm to them.
    6. Members can refer to the redemption schedule available at the time of redemption for a current list of the E-Voucher available for redemption and any applicable discounts offered by the CONNECTIONplus Administrator .
    7. The validity of the E-Voucher cannot be extended.
  8. Membership Discontinuation. CONNECTIONplus Administrator reserves the right to discontinue any membership of any Member for any reason whatsoever. Members also enjoy the right to withdraw from the CONNECTIONplus Programme at any time. A discontinued Member will have 90 days from the date their membership is terminated to redeem CONNECTIONplus Programme benefits (i.e. E-Voucher or discounts, as detailed in Article 7 of this Contract) based on the accumulated points after January 1st of the Programme year.
  9. Changes in Terms and Conditions. The CONNECTIONplus Administrator reserves the right to add, modify, delete or otherwise change these Terms and Conditions of this Contract or any rules related to the CONNECTIONplus Programme unilaterally at its sole discretion in writing, as required by the actual situation. The CONNECTIONplus Administrator will notify the Member of the modifications in an appropriate manner. If the Member does not agree with the modifications made by the CONNECTIONplus Administrator, the Member has the right to withdraw from the CONNECTIONplus Programme and redeem the CONNECTIONplus Programme benefits (i.e. E-Voucher or discounts, as detailed in Article 7 of this Contract) within 90 days from the date of withdrawal based on the accumulated points after January 1st of the Programme year. If the Member chooses to continue to participate in the CONNECTIONplus Programme after the CONNECTIONplus Administrator has notified the Member of the modifications, the Member shall be deemed to have accepted the modifications made to this Contract by the CONNECTIONplus Administrator.
  10. Entire Agreement. Except for any written modifications made after the signing of this Contract,the Terms and Conditions of this Contract constitute the entire agreement between the CONNECTIONplus Administrator and the Member in relation to the CONNECTIONplus Programme, replacing all prior oral or written negotiations, representations, and agreements regarding the subject matter of this contract. Except as specifically set out herein, all conditions, warranties and representations expressed or implied by law are to the fullest extent permissible. If any provision of this Contract is invalid, illegal or unenforceable due to inconsistency with relevant PRC laws and regulations, such provision shall only be invalid or unenforceable within the jurisdiction of relevant laws, and shall not affect the legal validity and continuation of other provisions of this Contract.
  11. In the event of discrepancy or inconsistency between the Chinese version and the English version of this Contract, the Chinese version shall prevail.